Sunday, March 15, 2020

Functions of a Job Description

Functions of a Job Description Job analysis is the foundation of a well-articulated job description that is crucial when recruiting new employees and carrying out performance appraisals for current employees. Job analysis is useful when identifying the attributes of the job viz. general, functional, physical, and education attributes.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Functions of a Job Description specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The human resources managers use job analysis to identify the general attributes of the job such as the title of the position, location, department, division, and pay grade. General attributes provide an overview of what the job entails and where it will be, by stating the exact location, division and department of job. Job analysis helps human resource managers in identifying the functional attributes of the job. Functional attributes determine the responsibilities that an employee in a specified position should perform t o meet the requirement of the job satisfactorily. It helps to emphasize on the purpose of the job, which helps to avoid confusion during the orientation period after recruiting new employees, which is a contributing factor to employee turnover. Functional attributes also determine the chain of command and in return chain of command establishes whom the employee in a position is answerable. It also establishes employees in lower positions who report to the individual in the position. Job analysis determines the education, skills, and experience required by a candidate for a given job in order to carry out the job effectively and efficiently. It helps managers to determine the educational level or equivalent appropriate qualification for the job and previous work background. Job analysis also establishes the skills that a potential candidate must possess to suit the job requirements. Moreover, job analysis helps to determine the physical attributes required for the position including age, gender, height, weight, and other physical characteristics. Some jobs require general physical attributes while others require an individual with specific physical characteristics that are crucial to perform the job effectively. Job description is useful during recruitment and selection of new employees. It provides information that determines the selection criteria, informs candidates on the nature of the job, and ensures the orientation of new employees is successful (Fowler 2). Job description helps human resources manager to determine the expected results for a position during performance management.Advertising Looking for essay on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More It helps in determining appropriate measures for measuring performance when carrying out performance appraisal to identify training needs for individual employees. This helps when reprimanding employees who are not performing th eir duties and responsibilities as expected. It also helps in recognizing and promoting employees whose performance is excellent. Moreover, job description plays a critical role when deciding how to tailor compensation and reward packages for the organization’s employees. When the organization is using monetary rewards to motivate its employees, the job descriptions is useful in evaluating performance of individual employees and hence determines which employees deserve rewards. A job description articulates the responsibilities for a position as well as the pay grade for the position. These are critical factors when calculating the pay commensurate for the position in the industry. This assists the organization in case an employee decides to institute legal proceedings against the organization for low pay. The job description also provides the skills, educational level, experience, and physical attributes for a position in the organization. It acts as a defense for the organi zation in case an applicant institutes legal proceeding against the organization for discrimination during recruitment and selection process. Fowler, Alan. Writing job descriptions. London: CIPD Publishing, 2003. Print.

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