Friday, February 28, 2020

Electronic Devices Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Electronic Devices - Essay Example First these devices are introduced and their symbols are presented. Then a historical paragraph is written which throws light on the evolution of modern Op-amplifiers. In the subsequent sections operating modes and two applications, i.e., over temperature sensing circuit and analog to digital convertor are presented. The report is concluded with the references used and a paragraph of conclusions drawn from this study. The term operational amplifier goes all the way back to about 1943 where this name was mentioned in a paper written by john linear R. Ragazzinni with the title â€Å"Analysis of problems inverting dynamics† and also covered the work of technical aid George A. it was 1947 that the operational amplifier concepts was originally advanced. The vary first series of modular solid state operational amplifier were introduce by Burr-Brown Research corporation and G.A Philbrick Researches Inc. in 1962. The op-amp has been a workhorse of linear systems ever since. A developm ental background of the op amp begins early in the twentieth century, starting with certain fundamental beginnings. Of these, there were two key inventions very early in the century. The first was not an amplifier, but a two-element vacuum-tube-based rectifier. The input stage is a differential amplifier. The differential amplifier used as an input stage provides differential inputs and a frequency response down to d.c. The first was not an amplifier, but a two-element vacuum-tube-based rectifier.

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